DRACOON and Teamwire offer GDPR-compliant messenger and filesharing

DRACOON and Teamwire offer GDPR-compliant messenger and filesharing

Arved von Stackelberg
9/18/18 10:58 AM

In the future the cloud solution DRACOON will be offering its enterprise customers the leading messenger-service from Teamwire.

For enterprises and agencies, a quick, but especially safe communication is of great importance. While the messenger-service “WhatsApp” has often been criticised especially in the business sector, the German messenger-service Teamwire has established itself as a secure and reliable alternative in the meanwhile.

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The secure messenger for companies and agencies improves the communication within a team and increases productivity in the messaging-era. In a group or 1-on-1 not only messages, but also digital contents such as photos, videos, voice messages, locations, surveys and much more can be sent in real-time. The professional administration of the fully encrypted messenger ensures comprehensive security guidelines for all terminal devices and roll-outs. As a German company Teamwire complies with all European and German data protection laws and is GDPR-compliant. Especially companies and agencies with high data protection and security standards use this messenger.

Recently, the messenger for enterprises and agencies started offering unique alarm- and crisis-communication functions. With these functions critical events are immediately communicated with a special alarm tone and visually highlighted in Teamwire. Via the API from Teamwire the alarm-functions can also be automatically triggered by other systems (e.g. IT, alarm systems, IoT-functions, machines, production plants, etc.) and sent to different persons and groups.

DRACOON on the other hand has a secure data storage, with which information in encrypted data rooms can be comfortably und securely exchanged via up- and download release links within teams and also with external partners. Compared to popular US-providers, the repeatedly certified solution “Made in Germany” is subjected to the strict German data protection laws and is also GDPR-compliant. Numerous enterprises value the maximum of data security that the German software enterprise offers with its solution.

Through the cooperation with Teamwire all necessary data will safely be stored in the cloud storage from DRACOON in the future, in order to prevent new data silos from arising by storing information multiple times and in different locations. From there the data can be comfortably shared.

“With DRACOON, we want to offer a convenient solution that, as the central heart of the data storage, ensures the highest level of data security. A partner such as Teamwire fits perfectly to us, because it absolutely shares our philosophy and perfectly compliments our product.” says Arved Graf von Stackelberg, Managing Director, CSO of DRACOON, about the cooperation.

Tobias Stepan, Managing Director from Teamwire.

"Teamwire and DRACOON are leaders in the fields of data protection, security and compliance and meanwhile have very well-known references to show. Both products originate from Germany and serve enterprises and agencies with high security requirements. So that together we offer a comprehensive range of services for highest security standards.”, explains Tobias Stepan, Managing Director from Teamwire.

About Teamwire
Teamwire is a fast, intuitive and secure messenger for enterprises and agencies. Teamwire solves the WhatsApp-problem, improves the team-communication and increases the productivity of enterprises in the messaging-era. Users can communicate 1-on-1 and in groups and exchange digital contents such as photos, files, locations, dates, video- and voice-messages and much more. As a German company Teamwire complies with all European and German data protection laws and is GDPR-compliant. The fully encrypted messenger can easily be administered and guarantees comprehensive security guidelines. Teamwire is available for mobile terminal devices and desktop computers as a cloud, a private cloud or an “on-premise” solution. Leading enterprises such as the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, Barmer, NDR, the SMS group and the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs use Teamwire.
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Tobias Stepan
Managing Director
Tittmoninger Straße 11
81679 München
Telefon: +49 (89) 1 22 21 99-20


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