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DRACOON expands management with Dr Björn Momsen and Morad Rhlid

Eva Janik
9/13/22 2:30 PM
DRACOON, the German market leader in the field of Enterprise File Services, wants to continue its growth and, to this end, has brought new directors on board. With immediate effect, Morad Rhlid and Dr Björn Momsen will support Marc Schieder as equal directors.

DRACOON, the German market leader in the field of Enterprise File Services, is on a growth trajectory. More and more large companies and major institutions in Germany are among its customer base. The solution for a reliable transfer of data is now used by many well-known companies, such as Audi AG, DATEV, Helios Kliniken or Volksbank Raiffeisenbank partners.

To be able to maintain and further expand the rapid growth of the last few years, DRACOON has now expanded its management with two experienced leaders. With immediate effect, Marc Schieder will be supported by Morad Rhlid and Dr Björn Momsen. Schieder will assume responsibility for the fields of Technology and Security, Rhlid for Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Products. Dr Momsen will take care of the fields of Finance & Controlling, Human Resources and Business Intelligence.

DRACOON - neue GF _Marc Schieder_Morad Rhlid_Dr-Bjoern Momsen - 1

from left to right: Marc Schieder, Morad Rhlid and Dr Björn Momsen



Momsen has already been working for DRACOON as CFO. Before that, he had the opportunity to gain key experience for several years as CFO of SaaS companies. The fact that DRACOON has achieved German market leadership is not least due to its commitment.

Rhlid was until recently director of several international branches of the SER Group. His main tasks included setting up and expanding business with the relevant national companies, sales structures, professional services structures, SaaS business and analyst relations with GARTNER and FORRESTER©.

The technological lead, as well as the 100% subscription approach are ideal prerequisites for a market expansion beyond the borders of the Germany-Austria-Switzerland region. As a long-term goal, he is aiming for European market leadership in the field of Enterprise File Services. To achieve this, he wants one thing above all: to strengthen the brand - in terms of marketing and technology and by means of purchases.

 In the short and medium term, direct and partner business are to be expanded - by means of sharpening our own market position and making a clear distinction from the competition. In the medium term, the company is also to be expanded by a clever acquisition strategy. As a result, the intention is to bring more investors on board. The ideal growth partner has a tech portfolio on an international scale and sees the potential of high-tech “made in Germany”.

Marc_Schieder_Chief_Information_(Security)_Officer_3 - Petra_Homeier_FotografieThe existing director Marc Schieder had the following to say about the decisions to expand the post to a team of three: “In the last few years, DRACOON has successfully established itself on the German market. We have now passed the break-even point. For this year alone, we are expecting revenue growth of more than 40 per cent. Björn Momsen has achieved great things here. But to establish ourselves outside the Federal Republic, in the whole of Europe, we have brought Morad Rhlid into the management team. He has the requisite know-how to put the company in a strong position internationally. Under his leadership we will success in expanding DRACOON, in the short or long term, into the internationally preferred File Service solution.”


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