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DRACOON enables GDPR-compliant data-bring-in service with DIGITTRADE

DRACOON enables GDPR-compliant data-bring-in service with DIGITTRADE

Marc Schieder
10/7/19 11:54 AM
DRACOON, the market leader in the DACH region in the field of enterprise file sharing will in future work closely with DIGITTRADE GmbH. Thus, new customers moving to the cloud will be able to securely transfer their existing data to DRACOON with the help of an encrypted and BSI certified hard disk from DIGITTRADE.

DRACOON enables GDPR-compliant data-bring-in service with DIGITTRADE

If a company wants to store its data with DRACOON in the future, it can now access the services of DIGITTRADE. To enable the move of sensitive data to the cloud, the customer receives an encrypted hard disk in advance, which is secured with an additional smart card. He can store all data on this card that will later be available in the cloud. The hard disk is designed in such a way that data can only be used with the smart card and the corresponding PIN. In the next step the customer sends the hard disk without the smartcard to DRACOON. The dispatch of the smartcard takes place with a time delay on a separate transport route. As soon as both components (hard disk and smartcard) have arrived at DRACOON, the data can be unlocked using smartcard and PIN entry and imported into the customer's cloud.

The BSI certification enables authorities and companies to meet the strict requirements of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the EU Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) when storing personal and sensitive data. With the help of the HS256 S3 hard drive from DIGITTRADE, various data protection-related processes can be reorganized and made more efficient.
"Every company and every institution is faced with the challenge of storing, managing and sharing data digitally in a secure manner. With DRACOON, we want to give the world back its sovereignty over its data. With its certified hard disk DIGITTRADE offers a secure transport path for our customers' initial data before our actual work in the cloud begins and the secure end-to-end encryption of our solution takes effect", explains Marc Schieder, CIO of DRACOON.
"With DRACOON and DIGITTRADE two innovative IT security companies come together for whom the security idea has top priority. If you take a closer look at the customers who work with DRACOON you will discover many banks, authorities or public institutions. Especially in these areas there are big requirements that have to be fulfilled when storing data. With our encrypted hard disk system we provide an ideal BSI-compliant upfront solution for secure data transfer to the cloud", explains Leonid Gimbut, Managing Director of DIGITTRADE GmbH.
DRACOON and DIGITTRADE at the it-sa
Both companies will be at the it-sa again this year. The trade fair is Europe's largest platform for IT security and now attracts over 14,000 trade visitors. It will take place from 08 to 10 October 2019 in Nuremberg. DRACOON has its booth in hall 10.0/0320, DIGITTRADE is located in hall 9.0/9626.
Since 2005, DIGITTRADE GmbH has been developing and producing external hard disks and USB sticks with hardware encryption that securely protect business and private data from unauthorized access. DIGITTRADE is the only company worldwide to offer hard drives with BSI certification. Banks, companies and public authorities use the highly secure HS256S and HS256 S3 hard disks for the secure transport of sensitive data and for the creation of data protection-compliant backups.
DIGITTRADE GmbH is a member of the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media. (BITKOM) and the Federal Association for IT Security (TeleTrusT).
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