DRACOON revolutionizes its Web App

DRACOON revolutionizes its Web App

Florian Scheuer
12/12/19 9:19 AM
DRACOON revolutionizes its Web App
As of today the new Web App of DRACOON, the highly secure platform for Enterprise File Services, is available. It does not only come up with a completely new design but also with many new features and a significantly improved performance.
In more than a year of development work DRACOON has fundamentally revised and considerably simplified the handling. The Web App uses state-of-the-art web standards and is based on the latest versions of the proven development frameworks Angular and Google Material Design. This also benefits the performance with a significantly higher speed, lower memory consumption and improved overall stability.
"The intuitive operation of a service plays a decisive role for the user. Our new Web App puts DRACOON on a completely new basis with its extensive improvements. In the course of the relaunch we have also completely revised the accessibility of our client-side cryptography and thus made secure working with files even easier", comments CTO Dr. Florian Scheuer on the successful launch. "In the new development, we married many customer requests with a modern design and revised architecture and created a completely new user interface that offers outstanding performance," continues Scheuer.
Even after the launch, the permanent further development of the Web App with corresponding features remains a strong focus of the company.


  • Direct opening of files via DRACOON for Windows / Mac
    In the new Web App, opening and editing files is now even more convenient and faster: Using the "Open" command a file can be opened directly in the new Web App - without prior manual download - in your own operating system if DRACOON for Windows/Mac is installed. This way files can be opened directly in applications like Office applications, Photoshop etc. Once editing and saving is complete, the new version is automatically uploaded to DRACOON - thus eliminating the need to upload newer versions manually.
  • File comments
    From now on, any number of comments can be added to files, which are also displayed as history and can be edited or removed later. This function makes it much easier for several people to work together on a file, as all comments, changes, etc. can be stored in a file-related manner. In a next version, it will even be possible to be notified of new comments and to mention users.
  • File preview as new standard action with video streaming
    In the previous version of the Web App, a download was always started when reading a file. If you now click on a saved file, a large preview of the file appears first, showing e.g. pdf files and pictures, but also streaming videos. Above all, this saves unnecessary waiting times. This preview link can also be passed on to authorized persons within the data room.
  • Simplified creation of shares
    Shares can now be created with a single click on the "Share" button that appears next to each data room, folder and file. In the next dialog box, the share link can be copied to the clipboard immediately and adjusted in the settings (e.g. with an expiration date or a maximum number of downloads). This link can then be conveniently sent by e-mail via the Web App with a personal message without using the mail client. Data such as offers, external documents, etc. can be shared much faster in this way.
  • Subsequently changeable sharing settings
    All settings of existing shares can now be adjusted afterwards. This is DRACOON's answer to the request of many customers. For example, an existing expiration date can be corrected backwards if the file was incorrect or if the file is to be available for a longer time than originally planned. It is also possible to delete a given e-mail notification during a download if it should disturb later on.
  • Updating files already shared
    From now on, an already released Word document can also be replaced by a corrected version without changing the already existing release link. Especially for recurring reports or documents that have to be available in an updated version again and again, this function means much less effort, because the link does not change anymore.
  • Uploading entire folder structures - even via drag & drop 
    In the new DRACOON Web App the substructure is now also retained when uploading an entire folder. The upload process can be done either by drag & drop or by using the round upload button. This simplifies especially the data migration of new customers into the cloud or the general editing of projects in DRACOON.
  • No more separate room administration
    From now on there is only one data room view that shows the detail list by default and in which the room structure is embedded. Here the user only sees the data rooms for which he has an access authorisation. This means that data rooms can be managed much faster and easier in the future.
  • Simplified assignment of rights when adding new users to data rooms The functions "Room administrator", "Edit" and "Read" are now available for selection with just one click. If deeper permissions are required, these can also be defined later at any time under the permissions. This greatly simplifies the assignment of permissions.
  • DRACOON Branding - Assigning an individual design in the new Web App
    With the new dynamic DRACOON Branding, which can already manage customisations for DRACOON for Outlook or the mobile apps, it is now also possible to adapt the design of the Web App with the company logo and own colours to the corporate design. This function is available to all users whose DRACOON environment is accessible under an own, dedicated internet address.

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