#cnetz is using the secure cloud by DRACOON

#cnetz is using the secure cloud by DRACOON

Arved von Stackelberg
4/3/19 8:49 AM

#cnetz e.V., a digital policy „think tank“ located in Berlin and the DRACOON GmbH from Regensburg, provider of a secure, German cloud-solution, have agreed on cooperating. The board of the association of #cnetz and the management of the young IT-company DRACOON agreed that #cnetz will provide its members with DRACOONs’ solution from now on.

“After repeated cyber-attacks against politicians of the Bundestag, we wanted to send a signal and choose a secure cloud for our work. DRACOON is a good example that innovative IT-security solutions are also being developed in Germany”, says René Pickard, deputy board spokesman of #cnetz.

“We are pleased about the cooperation with #cnetz, because with our solution we provide a secure platform that sets an example in the cooperation between #cnetz and the elected representatives in the parliaments” rejoices Arved Graf von Stackelberg, one of the two CEOs of the DRACOON GmbH.

DRACOON is the market leader in the field of Enterprise File Sharing in the German speaking region. It is one of the fastest growing SaaS-companies in Germany. The highly secure, platform independent software is available as a cloud, hybrid and on-premise version. It has been named “leader” by independent top-analysts such as ISG. Furthermore, various certificates and seals such as ISO 27001, EuroPriSe and ULD confirm DRACOONs’ highest security standards. The universally applicable API offers broad application fields from data exchange and workflow-integration over secure e-mail communication to complete modernisation of the file-services.

Eva Janik, phone: 09 41 / 7 83 85 – 634 e-mail:

The #cnetz is a non-profit association, which takes a stand on issues of digital policy and offers its expertise to mandate holders at a federal and state level. #cnetz does not require party-membership, but its members are united by a civic understanding of politics. #cnetz assumes that digitisation is one of the central challenges for the future viability and further development of coexistence – socially, culturally, politically and economically. Data security and mutual trust are therefore indispensable principles of a globally networked, digital society for #cnetz.

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