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DRACOON Simplifies Software Integration Development with Connect Bridge

DRACOON and Connect Bridge Simplify Software Integration Development

Eva Janik
10/27/20 12:55 PM

The Enterprise File Services specialist DRACOON cooperates with Connecting Software.Their product Connect Bridge acts as a kind of translator when two software applications speak different programming languages. It enables different technologies to communicate with each other, which makes business processes in companies much easier and thus more productive and cost-effective.

Besides the connection to DRACOON, more than 400 other connectors can be used that are available in Connect Bridge, such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, the Google product range and many more. The software integration platform allows everyone to work in their preferred programming language. It is the right solution if you want to create custom software that connects quickly to DRACOON.

Connect Bridge uses the languages that virtually all programmers know. This way, more than 12,000,000 developers could work with Connect Bridge in a very short time. They write standard SQL statements and leave it to Connect Bridge to translate the SQL statements into API calls. The integrity of the database is guaranteed by the fact that everything still runs exclusively through the API. Even with basic programming skills, developers can securely connect to a wide range of enterprise software without having to learn its documentation. Companies can deploy it on premise, in the cloud, hybrid and even mobile.

Thomas Berndorfer - Connecting SoftwareThomas Berndorfer, CEO of Connecting Software, is very pleased about the cooperation: "The very beginning of the partnership was very promising. But the deeper we go into the integration, the more synergy effects we discover for DRACOON, but also for Connecting Software. However, our customers benefit most because our offers complement each other absolutely synergetically. Especially our Industry 4.0 and our Blockchain Digital Sealing Solution fits perfectly into DRACOON's portfolio", Berndorfer continues. 

Marc_Schieder_Chief_Information_(Security)_Officer_3 - Petra_Homeier_Fotografie"Universally connecting IT systems and data sources and processing information centrally and securely is one of the focal points, but also one of the challenges of the DRACOON platform", adds Marc Schieder, one of the managing directors of DRACOON, "We are very happy that with Connecting Software we have found a partner who opens the door to numerous integration projects in a secure and easy way. This gives our solution an unbeatable added value that we can pass on to our customers together with our partners".


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