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Denton Systems Securely Stores Sensitive Patient Data in the Cloud

Denton Systems Securely Stores Sensitive Patient Data in the Cloud

2/20/20 11:29 AM

Denton Systems GmbH from Potsdam offers the first life-accompanying dental concept. With this solution, a patient's entire dental system can be digitally "frozen". This means that even years later it is possible to reconstruct one's own healthy dentition situation completely independent of location, time and tooth row.

In dentistry, in most cases the treatment is defeat-oriented and not systemic. Problems are usually only solved to the extent that they currently cause limitations. Often only the symptoms, but not the origin of the problem, are eliminated. In this way, the healthy initial situation is lost and long-term consequences such as CMD syndrome (dysfunction of the temporomandibular joints) can arise. These manifest themselves, for example, in the form of headaches, migraines, tension and sleep disorders, Tinnitus or back pain. This is where Denton's lifelong preventive dental concept comes in. To avoid long-term consequences, the patient's initial healthy condition is registered. In case of changes in the dental system due to aging or dental interventions, the registered initial state can be restored. This method can be used in analogue and digital form - with or without plaster models.


The Initial Situation

Denton initially stored its internal data in Microsoft OneDrive. However, as a German company, Denton is subject to strict German data protection laws. For this reason, the company was looking for a legally compliant patient data storage system that patients could also access externally. In addition, the new system was also to be integrated with other tools to avoid data silos in the form of multiple data storage.


DRACOON as a Secure Cloud File Service Platform for Health Data 

With DRACOON access authorisations can be assigned easily and individually to internal employees as well as external participants. This ensures that certain persons are only granted read-only access, for example, while others can edit and delete data. In separate data rooms, which are e.g. only accessible for predefined users, dental images as well as all other patient data can be stored and processed in real-time. In addition, DRACOON can be connected to the practice management software via a universal API and communicate with the systems used in research and development or at insurance companies.

Marius Liefold, CEO of Denton Systems says about DRACOON:

It was clear to us very quickly that we would only consider a cloud that - in addition to the security aspects mentioned above - offered us sufficient flexibility, a low integration effort and which has a transparent cost structure. With DRACOON we use a multiple certified and awarded solution that can be used intuitively and effectively not only by us but also by all other parties involved. All updates are automatically installed and new features are immediately available. We can always be sure that the infrastructure is always up to date in terms of safety and that the system is constantly being further developed. Our philosophy is 'transparent, anytime, anywhere'. Like us, DRACOON fulfils exactly these points. Therefore this cloud is for us undoubtedly the best choice we could have made. This is also demonstrated by our daily operations."

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