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DRACOON in the fight against SARS-CoV-2: Fast & secure delivery of coronavirus test results via the cloud

Fast and Secure Delivery of Coronavirus Test Results via the Cloud

Eva Janik
10/23/20 10:29 AM

The MVZ Institut für Mikroökologie (Institute for Microecology, in short IfM) in Herborn (Central Hesse) uses the proven technology of the Regensburg-based company DRACOON, the provider of highly secure file services, for the fast and secure transmission of test results in the context of the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus. Since September 2020, all validated results - positive and negative - are automatically provided via the DRACOON cloud, usually on the same day, and sent to the respective test person with maximum security.

The health care system places high demands on the technical infrastructure, not least because the protection of personal data is of the highest priority in Germany and Europe. Particularly in the field of laboratory diagnostics, it is important to transmit important test results to different groups of users in the shortest possible time, absolutely securely and reliably.

The MVZ Institute for Microecology (IfM) in Herborn (Central Hesse) has specialized in the examination of bacteria that settle in the human body - it analyzes the intestinal flora as well as the oral and vaginal flora. The institute is considered as a specialist for illnesses, which are accompanied by changes of the bacteria colonization and an impairment of the mucous membrane. Currently, more than 100 employees work there. The IfM uses both classical cultural and modern molecular biological techniques to detect the bacteria. The pathogens of the current pandemic SARS-CoV-2 can also be detected by molecular biology in the case of an acute disease.

The starting point
As a service for sending doctors and affected patients, the Institute of Microecology has added SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics to its portfolio and offers on-site smear collection in a separate tent. Smears are preferably taken in the morning. Together with the samples, which arrive at the institute by mail, the so-called PCR (= polymerase chain reaction) is performed, which is used in human medicine to clarify hereditary diseases and genetic questions (risk of disease, paternity test, etc.), but also in the diagnosis of numerous infectious diseases such as SARS-CoV-2. If the result is positive, the public health department must also be informed immediately.

Up to now, however, the notification of the test result has taken up a great deal of time and personnel, because patients, doctors' practices and the public health department were mainly informed by telephone or mail.

The Solution
Since September 2020, all validated findings - both positive and negative - have been automatically provided via the cloud of the enterprise file services expert DRACOON, mostly on the same day, and sent to the respective test person in a highly secure manner.

The test person provides his or her e-mail address and a mobile phone number for the saliva sample. After the test has been performed and a result has been generated, this finding is loaded into DRACOON. As soon as the upload is done, DRACOON's API automatically generates a download permission and password for each test result. This download release is sent to the test person via e-mail. For security reasons the password is sent via a separate communication channel via SMS. The test person can use this link to securely retrieve his personal test result by entering his password - usually on the same day. At the same time, the Institute of Microecology receives a delivery confirmation that the test result has been delivered.

Thanks to DRACOON's secure cloud solution the provision of all relevant data could be realized in a very short time. DRACOON's open API offers the possibility to dock to various other systems and trigger defined processes. In the case of the IfM, the complete process of data provisioning and transmission via the DRACOON API was automated and put into operation after only four weeks of project duration.

Fast & secure delivery of coronavirus test results via the cloud

Torsten Schneider, head of the IT department of the Institute of Microecology"DRACOON provides a great benefit not only for us, but especially for the patients. They receive their results safely, quickly and GDPR compliant", explains Torsten Schneider, head of the IT department of the Institute of Microecology. "Via the DRACOON API we have succeeded in providing a digital solution for transmission in a very short time. The connection has proven to be absolutely trouble-free. And the speed with which we can now provide the findings also helps to contain the pandemic," Schneider continues.


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