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These Advantages offer Apps for Health Insurance Companies and Their Members

Advantages of Apps for Health Insurance Companies and Their Members

Eva Janik
4/6/20 11:29 AM

Many health insurance companies are looking for a way to expand their digital services. According to a recent survey, a third of all smartphone users already use so-called health apps, which record, for example, how many steps are taken per day or how many calories are burned. This means that health-promoting apps are clearly on the rise.

This trend is a new opportunity for health insurance companies: In addition to practical tips on fitness or nutrition, such apps can also be used for digital document management.

Advantages for the members

  • Simplified submission of documents
  • Electronic transmission of certificates of incapacity to work
  • All documents / information at a glance
  • Fast and convenient modification of personal data
  • Overview of common service numbers
  • Free use at any time and any place
  • Practical tips and information about health


Advantages for the health insurance companies

  • Support for prevention
  • Demand-oriented medical care for patients
  • Better control / support
  • More accurate evaluation of patient data
  • Cost reduction through "healthier insured persons
  • Reduction of administrative burden

>>> Health data is extremely sensitive data that must be protected to the maximum extent possible. Top priority for the health insurance app should be given to the secure storage location of the data by both health insurance companies and the insured. When these requirements are met, health insurance apps deliver mutual benefits and represent an important step towards digitalization in the healthcare sector.

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