DRACOON and IntraFind revolutionize the search process in the cloud

DRACOON and IntraFind revolutionize the search process in the cloud

Marc Schieder
6/5/18 11:26 AM

DRACOON, expert in enterprise file sharing and market leader in German-speaking countries, is cooperating with IntraFind, the specialist for efficient searching, finding and analyzing of company data. The goal of the collaboration is to integrate the intelligent search solution iFinder into DRACOON’s cloud products.

The services of iFinder are used to index all documents, metadata and the associated user rights, but also to embed the finished search interfaces of iFinder into DRACOON’s existing file sharing product. This offers a rights-tested, secure search solution that goes far beyond the performance spectrum of a good full-text search: intelligent, error-tolerant autocomplete and did-you-mean as well as linguistic features that help to obtain a complete hit list and not overlook anything relevant. The semantic search guides the user in their research process, so they can quickly narrow down their hit space with smart suggestions or browse to discover new content. Artificial intelligence methods help to automatically structure and organize document inventories, discover semantic equivalencies or use knowledge graphs, for example, using machine learning.

The search helps the average user intuitively and at the same time also supports the scientific staff in answering more complex questions.

Marc Schieder, CIO of DRACOON

“By working with IntraFind we offer our customers a great advantage. With just a few clicks, related information becomes transparent for authorized users and can be included in the decision-making process without loss of time. This enables us to play a decisive role in shaping the data puzzle,” comments Marc Schieder, CIO of DRACOON.

Franz Kögl, CEO of IntraFindFranz Kögl, CEO of IntraFind describes the cooperation with DRACOON as follows: “Both solutions have successfully established themselves on the market in recent years. This integration enables us to combine cloudbased existing knowledge with new insights and requirements, thus providing a decisive basis for future innovations”.


In addition to the intelligent search in DRACOON’s secure data storage, the content from this application can also be used in the company-wide search, IntraFind’s iFinder5 elastic. For customers who want to use DRACOON as the leading interface for company-wide research or want to enrich content in DRACOON with additional, company internal knowledge, documents and content from other sources made available via iFinder5 elastic can also be consumed in the DRACOON search interface. iFinder5 elastic supports companies in exactly this process, regardless of the application in which the data was created or stored. The connector, developed jointly with DRACOON, will enable documents, metadata and user authorization information to be transferred from the DRACOON secure data storage to IntraFind’s innovative, multi-client capable solution. At the same time, this data is combined with the information from all connected applications such as internal file servers, intranets, portals, wikis or mail systems – so documents and information can be found quickly and rights-checked company-wide.

The content is prepared, evaluated and networked on the basis of the latest text and content analytics procedures. The iFinder5 elastic is based on Elasticsearch, the recognized best and open source search technology. The high-quality user interface offers maximum ease of use, is intuitive to use and meets the highest search requirements, such as auto-completion, convenient preview options and much more. Documents found can also be easily shared with colleagues or teams.

DRACOON’s Enterprise Filesharing solution is now used by many well-known companies in German-speaking countries. Client-side encryption provides maximum data security, and thanks to the universal API, numerous existing company systems can be connected and used very easily. The secure data memory has a modular structure and can be upgraded to the required number of users at any time. DRACOON ensures DSGVO-compliant data storage and counteracts data silos, i.e. multiple data storage in companies in a wide variety of locations. The software solution ensures easy data exchange within a team or with external partners. Via upload and download links, but also through the use of their own data rooms, all participants always work on an up-to-date data basis. The fine-grained authorization concept can be adapted individually and without great IT effort; all users and data can also be limited in time. Access to the data memory is completely device-independent via app, client or web browser.

Contact to IntraFind:
IntraFind Software AG
Sonja Bellaire
Marketing Manager
Landsberger Straße 368
80687 München
Telefon: +49 (89) 3090446-12
Telefax: +49 (89) 3090446-29


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