DRACOON and treeConsult enable secure email traffic in IBM Notes

DRACOON and treeConsult enable secure email traffic in IBM Notes

Marc Schieder
9/25/18 3:49 PM
DRACOON, the German-speaking market leader in the field of enterprise file sharing, has already extremely simplified email communication with its Outlook Add-In for Windows / Mac. Together with treeConsult as integration partner for individual software development a plug-in for IBM Notes is now to be developed.
At the latest since the EU-GDPR (EU data protection regulation) came into force there are much stricter rules for electronic communication. Thanks to the Outlook-Add-In for Win/MAC of the file sharing specialist DRACOON, modern release links already replace extensive file attachments and offer a high security standard in encrypted form. Thus data can not only be exchanged securely but also uploaded and stored in the cloud storage via upload link. Together with the Freising based software house treeConsult a plug-in for IBM Notes is now being developed analogously.
With the new IBM Notes plug-in companies can use their existing mail client and send files of any size securely documented and logged via DRACOON using a release link. Even when sending attachments of several GB in size the e-mail client is not blocked and therefore does not disturb the user. Users have complete control over the access to data, can set a maximum duration of access, even protect the attachment with a password or deny access even after sending.
As soon as DRACOON is integrated into the email signature manager treeMailS in IBM Notes under Windows, high-security DRACOON release links can be conveniently sent instead of conventional file attachments. With treeMailS all information, data and rules for email communication can be standardized and centrally managed. The email signature manager based on IBM Notes and Domino is easy to implement and use. It offers many possibilities for the automated maintenance and administration of country, company, division and employee specific signatures and has the necessary flexibility for special usage scenarios. The legally compliant tool ensures a uniform appearance in email communication.
The enterprise file-sharing solution DRACOON, on the other hand, provides, among various other features, for the secure transmission of large amounts of data without physically burdening the e-mail inbox. Instead of classic file attachments DRACOON transmits end-to-end encrypted information that is exchanged via a release link. All data can be stored centrally in the cloud and be stored securely. If desired, each granted data access can be limited in time and frequency. The fine-granular authorization concept fulfills all the requirements of a modern file sharing tool. Thanks to the client-side encryption DRACOON customers benefit from the highest encryption standard. This means that nobody except the authorised users has access to the company data, not even the provider himself. DRACOON is certified as a professional solution by ULD, the Independent National Centre for Data Protection and EuroPriSe. The software, manufactured in Germany, is subject to the strict German data protection laws and offers a maximum of data security for companies of all sizes and industries.
Marc Schieder, CIO of DRACOON, welcomes the cooperation with IT specialists from Freising. "Already our Outlook add-in makes digital communication much easier for our customers. We are glad that we are able to work together with treeConsult for IBM Notes and deliver the same functionalities. In combination with treeMailS as a legally compliant email signature management system we also offer our customers an extremely flexible tool, which allows them to react to important changes at any time".
"Enterprise File Sync and Share Features are an important service component in many project situations. The DRACOON technology enables us to develop practical applications that are gladly used", explains Wolfgang Siegl, managing director at treeConsult.
About treeConsult
treeConsult is a specialist for IT infrastructure management, software development and application integration. For two decades the company, based in Freising, Germany, has been pursuing the guiding principle of closely linking business processes and IT. The treeConsult experts simplify, standardize, secure and accelerate processes with intelligent solutions of leading manufacturers. For all solutions there is German-speaking support from one source. With the treeMailS framework based on IBM Notes and Domino the Freising based software house develops mail integrations that set highest standards in functionality and flexibility.
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