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DRACOON Enables Full Email Encryption via Outlook Add-In

DRACOON Enables Full Email Encryption via Outlook Add-In

Arved von Stackelberg
7/15/20 10:28 AM
With the new Outlook Add-In by DRACOON not only email attachments but entire emails can be encrypted. Thus the service is GDPR compliant and meets the highest security requirements, even for KRITIS companies.
Especially when sending emails, the most popular way of exchanging information and files, special security requirements apply. Especially in the business environment, messages sent without further encryption can cause great damage. DRACOON has developed a modern add-in for Microsoft Outlook (Windows) for email encryption that makes everyday communication simple and secure. File attachments are securely stored in DRACOON where they are protected by comprehensive measures like end-to-end encryption. Instead of the attachments encrypted sharing links are sent.
DRACOON Enables Full Email Encryption via Outlook Add-In
With DRACOON for Outlook emails can still be written in the familiar working environment and attachments of any size can be added. These, and if required the complete email, are automatically stored in DRACOON and sent securely and GDPR compliant. If a complete email is to be sent encrypted, both the email content and all attachments are uploaded to an encrypted data room in the DRACOON cloud. Instead of the actual message including the attachments the recipient receives an info mail with a release link to the encrypted email and a short instruction how to download it from DRACOON. Additionally, the validity period of the link or the number of downloads can be limited and a password can be set. The password can be sent directly from DRACOON for Outlook.
"As market leader in the field of Enterprise File Services in the German-speaking countries we offer with DRACOON not only a secure storage location for all data but at the same time a trend-setting, GDPR-compliant solution for secure communication via email that can be used immediately by every employee of a company", explains Arved Graf von Stackelberg, Managing Director of DRACOON, "This means that no additional email encryption, which is cost and resource intensive in maintenance, is necessary anymore", von Stackelberg continues.
Further information is available under Email Encryption with DRACOON for Outlook.

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