Secure data exchange for MobileIron customers

Secure data exchange for MobileIron customers

Marc Schieder
2/7/19 8:02 AM

In the future, clients of MobileIron, the leading provider of Unified Endpoint Management, will profit from the technology cooperation with the secure and GDPR-compliant data exchange solution DRACOON.

Company-related data are available in many places
Unlike in the past, company data is not limited to the own computer center or company internal devices anymore. It can be found on different devices and clouds that are only partially controllable. However, in the age of mobile clouds a mere password is not enough anymore to effectively protect data. If one relies on a mere password check for a digital access restriction, neither the identity of the user nor his location or information about the terminal device or the app used is questioned.

New challenges require new security concepts
With a simple but intelligent security solution for dynamic user environments, authorized users gain quick access to information. With the solution for MobileIron, all end devices and cloud services can be managed from a single device via a consistent security platform. The users are verified via multifactor authentication. If a device goes missing its company data can be deleted remotely at any time. Access to data can also be blocked by untrusted apps and devices. Furthermore, one can easily and comfortably separate company data from private data on each end device, in order to protect both. If an app is released for business use, the user can freely decide which tool he can work with most effectively.

DRACOON enables secure filesharing for MobileIron clients
In the future, both the on-premise version as well as the modern cloud storage of the Enterprise Filesharing solution DRACOON can be comfortably selected and used via AppConfig, the mobile device management standard co-initiated by MobileIron. DRACOON provides all components need for secure data exchange. While considering maximum data security, the GDPR-compliant data exchange solution offers multiple features that simplify comfortable editing and provision of data. Thanks to client-side encryption DRACOON customers profit from the highest encryption standard. This means that nobody except authorized users have access to company data, not even the provider himself. The repeatedly certified solution “Made and Hosted in Germany” offers a highly secure addition to the Unified Endpoint Management provider MobileIron.

Marc Schieder, CIO von DRACOON“Already, many of our customers are successfully using MDM or UEM systems from MobileIron. With the support of AppConfig we now also offer the possibility to deliver our Apps pre-provisioned to the users and so the customer can remove them remotely in case of loss of a device”, comments Marc Schieder, CIO at DRACOON, on the new cooperation.

Peter Machat, MobileIron“A good extension. Now our customers can exchange data GDPR-compliantly on premise and in the cloud.
Therefore, they profit from a complete and secure Mobile Computing”, says Peter Machat, Vice President Central EMEA at MobileIron, welcoming the cooperation.


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