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The Digital Personnel File with DRACOON

The Digital Personnel File with DRACOON

Eva Janik
3/23/20 4:28 PM

The Initial Situation

In a company, salary statements from a payroll accounting system for all employees have so far been exported into a PDF document (collective file) or processed via a service provider. From this collective file, serial letters are then created and sent to each employee by post. This process causes costs of about 3-4 € per employee.

In the future, the salary statements will no longer be provided in paper form, but electronically as a PDF document for the individual employee. Each employee will have secure access to his or her own data.


The Solution

The salary statement should be stored in the respective home data room of the employee in DRACOON. For this purpose, an automatism is required that stores the collective file in individual PDF documents and then stores them in the respective data rooms. If a new file is uploaded to the respective data room of the employee, the employee receives a notification by mail. The file is protected against later falsification by a corresponding signature for the individual payroll. Each data room is named after the respective employee in accordance with the personnel file, is encrypted on the client side, and is protected with an additional password.

In addition to the monthly salary statements, all personnel-relevant data, such as the employment contract, minutes of appraisal interviews, additional agreements, or evidence of further training is stored there.

For each employee a separate user at DRACOON is required. The costs per user are partly financed by the savings resulting from the elimination of postal dispatch.

For the company or the employee there are - apart from cost savings and lower CO2 emissions - the following advantages of digital personnel files with DRACOON:

// Own Home Drive for Each User Including Free Storage

  • Every employee gets his own home drive on DRACOON.
  • Per user 100 GB of free memory are included, which adds up to a total storage space.
  • The price advantage for companies: 1 GB of secured storage is currently 0.10 - 0.20 € per GB and month.

// Email Encryption for Attachments - GDPR-compliant Data Transfer

  • The DRACOON Outlook Add-In offers the possibility to encrypt attachments via share link and password.
  • By the end of 2020 the mail body can also be encrypted automatically.
  • The price advantage for companies: A separate e-mail encryption is about 1-2 € per user / month.

// Relief of the Exchange Environment and Elimination of Mail Limits

  • The Exchange environment is relieved of email attachments.
  • No more problems with mail limits when receiving / sending.
  • The price advantage for companies: An Exchange storage space is about 0.20 GB per GB and month.

>>> The digital personnel file with DRACOON not only reduces the personnel and time required for the provision of salary statements. The shifting of financial expenses into user licences of DRACOON also ensures a GDPR-ompliant solution and at the same time enables all employees to use DRACOON with all its features for secure data exchange for all company concerns and thus to be connected to a uniform system.


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