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Defeat Corona together - home office with DRACOON

Work easily and securely from your home office with DRACOON

3/16/20 10:27 AM

Reports of new infections and deaths in the wake of the Corona crisis seem to be unending. In order to prevent further new infections, employees are called upon to working from their home offices. Many companies have become painfully aware that they are not prepared for this, especially when, as in the corona crisis, the majority of employees are involved.

Employees working from a home office are usually dependent on the following resources:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Video conference
  • Messenger
  • File system

Even though employees can work easily and effectively from their home offices, they usually don’t have secure access to their files. While many applications such as email, messenger or video software are sourced from the cloud, crucial tools such as file services are not.

In order to provide secure access to this data from home, VPN remote clients have to be installed by the IT department at great expense for each individual employee. To improve stability, terminal services must also be set up. So why don't companies bring their file service into the web age?


With DRACOON you get your file service web-ready

After your account has been created, you can login to your DRACOON with your email address. The web interface is accessed via a specific internet address (URL). This means that no installation is required and that you have access to your stored files via all common browsers and devices.
Your advantages with DRACOON:
  • You neither need VPN nor a terminal service.
  • DRACOON replaces outdated solutions for data exchange such as FTP servers.
  • You can integrate existing solutions, e.g. MS SharePoint or industry software into DRACOON and use it as a secure storage location for all your data.
  • You can also work with DRACOON from your home office fully GDPR-compliant - this is what distinguishes our software from other cloud solutions.
  • DRACOON is suitable for industries / companies that have to work with special security standards.

Industries / companies, with special security standards (KRITIS)

We are aware that this is an uncertain time. Nevertheless, we all have to pull together to fight against the global spread of COVID-19. 
Therefore DRACOON offers its secure cloud storage free of charge to everyone who wants to work in the home office during the pandemic. With this we want to make our contribution to fight the current crisis.  
Let's defeat Corona together

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