6 Tips on How to Work Well Organized from Home

6 Tips on How to Work Well Organized from Home

Eva Janik
4/16/20 4:18 PM
For some weeks now, working from home has become part of everyday life for many. What used to mean a "can" has become a "must" in times of the Corona crisis to protect all those who can start working from home.
With a few tips, we show you how you can also cope well with these times:
  1. Make sure you have a permanent workplace
    While the idea of working on a laptop from the couch may be tempting, create an orderly work environment where you feel comfortable. This includes a fixed place in the form of a table with an appropriate working height as well as a matching chair that will not cause back problems in the long term. It is not possible for everyone to take up an entire room for home working at once. However, make sure that your workplace area provides you with sufficient peace and quiet, that you feel comfortable and are not distracted too much. It is best to coordinate with roommates or family members so that you can use an undisturbed retreat for your work.
  2. The optimal (technical) equipment
    If you work from home, you are usually dependent on email, telephone, video conferencing, messenger and your file systems. Often working from home fails because you don't have secure access to your files because they are stored on internal file services that are often not web-based, unlike all the other tools you need. Modern file service systems such as DRACOON offer the possibility to access all data via cloud that you use in your office. A stable internet connection should be the heart of your workplace. Therefore check in advance if your connection performance is sufficient to work remotely and adjust it via your provider if necessary. Probably your home workstation cannot quite compete with the technical performance at your office workstation. Nevertheless, try to make working from home as comfortable as possible. Instead of working only with your laptop, it is advisable to use at least one additional monitor and keyboard. Both will help you to progress more effectively and at the same time protect your neck and eyes.

  3. Homewear or business outfit
    Particularly in times of crisis, the camps are clearly divided into two directions. Some people may even sit at their computers in their pyjamas in the morning, while others - not to mention the other working environment - are unrecognizable from their normal office routine in terms of their outfits. What you wear at home, you should decide freely according to your personal feeling. The fact is, your work quality is not necessarily influenced by this. The important thing is that you feel comfortable. However, you should check your calendar in the morning to see if a video conference is due. If so, it is advisable (at least to the waist) to be a little more considerate of what you are wearing and to adapt to the occasion.

  4. Pay attention to a certain routine
    And that already starts with the start of work. Try to start work at home at the same time every day. As banal as this may sound, but a regular schedule will help you to get on with your tasks well. It will also help your colleagues to plan when it is best to communicate with you. In the morning - similar to the office - make a to-do list - which helps you as a timetable through the day. And there's nothing better at home than just checking off what you've done.

  5. The right communication
    Even if personal meetings and customer appointments are no longer necessary, especially during Corona times, regular exchange with colleagues, superiors and also customers plays a major role. Or rather: an even greater role. This works very well via email, a company chat software or video meetings. Think about which channel is most suitable. But it can also be worthwhile to pick up the phone to clarify issues with a colleague in an uncomplicated way. Apart from that, sometimes nothing beats a direct exchange. Therefore, make sure that you also say a few private words when in contact with your colleagues and superiors. Just think about what you would normally talk about at the coffee machine in the office or in between. Because you know: Talking helps! Also or especially in times like the Corona crisis. We are all in the same boat right now and would be happy to have a few personal tact.

  6. Breaks versus distraction
    The laundry would like to be washed, the dishwasher beeps because it has done its job well and the child no longer knows what to play with. All these are challenges that have to be mastered right now. Basically, you should pay attention to regular breaks. And of course you can also spend them swinging the vacuum cleaner for a moment. But it can also be helpful to go out into the fresh air for half an hour and stretch your legs. Or simply get on your bike and enjoy the first rays of sunshine. There's nothing wrong with all that, as long as you still do your job and don't get too distracted by the rest of the world. If there are younger members of your family in your home, the challenge is of course even greater. Therefore, make sure that you discuss the situation with your partner and clearly define who can take care of the youngsters and when.
We are all in an exceptional situation at the moment, which no one expected a few weeks ago. It confronts companies, but also employees, with unexpected tasks. However, when we look back at some point in time, we will see that it is probably precisely this situation that has brought us a great deal further in digitisation, in trust in us, our colleagues and the companies with which we work. At the same time, many nice little things are developing that make us appreciate each other again, such as shopping assistance for the older neighbour, growing together with people who live in our own environment and the importance of family and friends. If we all keep a little bit of this in mind, we already have a good reason to look forward to the time "afterwards".

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