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The Health Insurance Company VIACTIV Has Realized Its Own App with DRACOON

The Health Insurance Company VIACTIV Has Realized Its Own App

Eva Janik
4/6/20 10:30 AM
The Initial Situation
The VIACTIV health insurance fund is an insurance company with approximately 700,000 insured persons and about 1,500 employees. Already since 2017 the health insurance company uses the Enterprise File Service solution DRACOON for secure data exchange and collaboration.
VIACTIV has long been planning to expand its service portfolio and offer its own app for its members: The communication should be digitalized and simplified via the own health insurance app so that the members can submit documents such as certificates of incapacity to work or invoices and thus have their data and health information securely available at a glance.
The most difficult part of the implementation was to ensure the security of patient data during data transfer and at the storage location - this is where DRACOON comes in.
The Solution
The company's own health insurance app could be implemented very quickly because the complex backend for secure data exchange and storage did not have to be developed by The health insurance company VIACTIV has realized its own app with DRACOONVIACTIV. In this case the already successfully tested service of DRACOON could be used. The security is proven by various certifications and meets all governmental requirements for the protection of health data.
DRACOON could be easily connected to the app via its open API interfaces. All receipts and documents necessary for the exchange between insured persons and the health insurance company can now be securely received and managed in the App. DRACOON is invisibly in the background the secure storage location.
A big advantage in the daily handling for the health insurance company is the internal use of DRACOON with all clients. Since every employee is already working with DRACOON, the data of insured persons, such as submitted invoices, can be processed directly and securely - either manually or fully automated.
The Following Advantages Result for the Health Insurance Company VIACTIV:

  • By reducing the development effort for the data backend of their own app a quick go-live was possible
  • Numerous certifications prove the safety of DRACOON
  • Easy up- and download of data for the insured via App
  • Uncomplicated further processing of insured person data within the health insurance company
>>> By using DRACOON as a secure data storage, VIACTIV's own health insurance app could be implemented very quickly. The uniform data system within the health insurance company in combination with the app even allows an automated further processing of insured data. This reduces the administrative effort within the health insurance company enormously. The multiple certified service of DRACOON also minimizes the risk for the app provider.

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