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Identity and role analysis with Nexis and DRACOON

Identity and role analysis with Nexis and DRACOON

4/10/18 11:40 AM
NEXIS Controle is the technologically leading software and comprehensive solution for cross-system analysis, risk assessment and visual (re-)modeling of authorization structures. The application aims to be an easy-to-understand platform for IT and also business departments to work together on secure role and authorization management.
NEXIS Controle is manufacturer-independent and supplements all existing IAM solutions with powerful analysis, modeling and collaboration functions or as a stand-alone solution for successful implementation of existing access governance and automation requirements.
Special features:
  • Analytics and simulation of authorization structures
  • Interactive visualization of the authorization distribution
  • Business role modeling to reduce complexity
  • Business role optimization to improve existing role content
  • Extensive access governance functionalities
  • Out-of-the-box workflows to involve all stakeholders in decision-making processes
  • Configurable user interfaces for non-IT departments
  • Risk and quality mechanisms for sustainable control of specifications
Thanks to the combination of both systems new advantages for the users of DRACOON arise:
  • Optimal overview of all user structures
  • Intelligent cleanup workflows automatically remove incorrect and unnecessary permissions.
  • Based on custom rules, policies and benefits of standard risk indicators can be created to identify risks.

The system also provides comprehensive reporting with periodic, interactive reports on risks, roles, recertifications and expert feedback. Nexis Controle is browser-based and can be easily embedded in the IT landscape. It can be operated simply by connecting to an identity management system, as a standalone solution within the company or from the cloud.


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