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Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default

Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default

Eva Janik
6/2/20 10:52 AM

Data protection? Definitely. That's why we focus on various aspects already during the development phase, which will make it easier for you to protect your data later on. 

Privacy by Design

Behind the term Privacy by Design is nothing else than data protection through technology design. This means that data protection can best be observed if it has already been technically integrated during the development of a data processing procedure. In everyday life this means that the encryption should be integrated so easily that the user does not have to worry about what exactly he has to consider when saving or editing data when using DRACOON. 


Privacy by Default

This is understood to mean "data protection through data protection-friendly default settings". With regard to DRACOON this means that already the factory settings are designed to be data protection friendly. The basic idea is to protect especially those users who are less technophile and therefore are not inclined to adjust the data protection settings according to their wishes.


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