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Work offline and edit files directly with DRACOON for Windows/Mac

Work Offline and Edit Files Directly with DRACOON for Windows/Mac

Sigrid Robold
5/25/20 1:29 PM

Working with a tool like DRACOON in everyday life is particularly easy if it fits well into existing systems. Especially if you travel a lot or are in your home office a lot, it is very functional to have all files that you are working on together with colleagues quickly and easily available.

DRACOON for Windows/Mac is perfect for this scenario. Like a drive integration, this client simply fits into the corresponding operating system, which is why users do not have to use any visible new software and learn how to control it. How to download, install and commission DRACOON for Windows/Mac is comprehensively documented in our support area.

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In this article we present the biggest advantages of DRACOON for Windows/Mac and explain the use cases in which the client has the biggest added value for the user.


Working offline

DRACOON for Windows/Mac lets you keep selected files offline on your device so you can work on them on the go. If you select a file with right-click, the option "Keep Offline on Local Disk" appears in the context menu.

Work offline with DRACOON for Windows/Mac

This means that you can access the file even if your device is not currently connected to the Internet. If you want to work in places like train stations or airports, where the Internet connection is often unstable or insecure, you can use DRACOON for Windows/Mac. As soon as you are connected to the Internet again, the client automatically synchronizes the latest version of your files and DRACOON contains the edited version.


Edit files directly

One of the biggest advantages of the DRACOON for Windows/Mac is the simplification of working with files in everyday life. Downloading files from DRACOON via the WebApp, editing them, then uploading them again and overwriting the outdated version is a complex workflow that can be simplified considerably with the DRACOON for Windows/Mac. You edit and save the files apparently directly on your device, the upload takes over the synchronization process in the background. This also makes it easier to keep track of files as there are no different versions on your device, in DRACOON and in your downloads. In addition, DRACOON for Windows/Mac can be used to conveniently generate file shares and file requests.

Although DRACOON for Windows/Mac is perfect for editing files, no administrative tasks such as managing system settings, users or groups are possible. We recommend using DRACOON for Windows/Mac for everyday work with your files, but if you need to perform administrative tasks in DRACOON, we recommend using the WebApp.


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