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Secure exchange of email attachments with DRACOON for Outlook

Secure Exchange of Email Attachments with DRACOON for Outlook

Sigrid Robold
5/18/20 10:09 AM

Whether internally with colleagues or externally with customers or partners, each of us sends daily emails to share sensitive data and information. Often with attachments, as this is a quick way to transfer files. However, one thing should be kept in mind: E-mail attachments are transmitted unencrypted and sensitive data should never be transmitted unencrypted.

In this article, we explain how DRACOON for Outlook can help you to solve this problem and how to use this add-in in an optimal way to simplify workflows in everyday life.


Best Pratice: Avoid Unencrypted Transmission via Email Attachment

To ensure that you do not send unencrypted attachments by e-mail in the future, you can configure DRACOON for Outlook to automatically convert attachments into download shares in the future after installation and commissioning. In the Outlook ribbon, in the DRACOON group, click Options, and then click Convert attachments automatically to shares to turn the feature on or off.

Each attachment is now converted into a link when it is added, which can be sent without sensitive data being transmitted unencrypted. You can select which data room to load the file into in a separate dialog box when you send the mail. In the DRACOON for Outlook settings you can also configure whether files should always be stored in the same data room or whether you want to specify the location again for each file. You can also adapt various other settings to your wishes here.

Convince yourself of the high added value that DRACOON for Outlook offers in everyday life. Download the client here:

More Informationen about DRACOON for Outlook

DRACOON Hero Tip: If you decide to make DRACOON for Outlook available to all your users, you can distribute the client as a .msi file via a central software distribution system. For certain information (e.g. server URL) a preconfiguration using registry values is possible.

For more information we recommend this article: How you can unify, track, control, and secure sensitive content communications in a private content network



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