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Freshly released: The ISG Provider Lens

DRACOON is Leader in the ISG Provider Lens for the 5th time in a row

Eva Janik
12/6/21 2:19 PM

Freshly released: The ISG Provider Lens™

The market research company ISG Research publishes the market report "ISG Provider Lens™" targeting various areas within IT in different regions and countries. The quadrant report lists and ranks active vendors in the respective market. The report was recently published, listing the most critical public cloud providers from the Secure Enterprise Filesharing Services sector in the German IT landscape.

🔎 For whom is the report helpful?

The ISG Provider Lens™ in the area of "Public Cloud - Services and Solutions, Secure Enterprise Filesharing Services 2021" for the German market helps companies evaluate and compare filesharing services providers. After all, executives, for example, from IT, or IT security, software development, and purchasing and vendor management, can see the various providers in the context of their market competitors. This makes it easier for them to make a purchasing decision. All advantages and disadvantages of the providers can also be seen in the report. In addition, ISG evaluates how the technology companies deal with current challenges on the market and how mature their service offering is. Overall, the analysts differentiate between Leader, Product Challenger, Market Challenger, and Contender in their assessment.

🔎 How does ISG assess the market situation in the area of secure enterprise filesharing?

The report clarifies that the need for home offices has led to companies having to deal more and more with the topic of "secure collaboration." Nowadays, it is a must that all employees can access any data from anywhere at any time. Remote work and hybrid work have become an integral part of everyday business life. At the same time, however, data must be protected to the maximum to be safe from attacks by cybercriminals or data breaches. According to ISG, secure SaaS models are often the choice to act flexibly and ensure that every authorized user has access to all essential data and applications via web browser, desktop, or mobile apps. The study also emphasizes the importance of API interfaces. This allows companies to integrate and use enterprise products such as ERP systems, office packages, and other third-party tools. If access can be technically restricted, any security risks are thus minimized. With these solutions, data exchange can also be extended to external partners. In 2021, the research company saw a significant improvement in essential aspects of IT security, such as multifactor authentication for access management and encryption solutions in enterprise filesharing platforms. In the report's executive summary, ISG notes, among other things, that the public cloud market continues to grow, accelerated by digitization. Companies are increasingly interested in providing cloud-based remote workplaces for their employees as quickly and efficiently as possible.

 🔎 DRACOON back in the Leader Quadrant

In this year's ISG report "Public Cloud - Services and Solutions, Secure Enterprise Filesharing Services 2021" for Germany, DRACOON is represented in the Leader Quadrant for the fifth time in a row since 2016. DRACOON shared the quadrant with providers such as Microsoft, Box, and Dropbox and was able to maintain its position within the ranking and expand it. Compared to the previous year, an increase in the areas of "Portfolio Attractiveness" and "Competitive Strength" can be seen. This shows once again that data protection and data security are becoming increasingly important in the cloud area and that European providers can often score points here ahead of their US competitors. A total of 18 providers were listed in the quadrant this year, six of which were recognized as leaders.

🔎 How does ISG define the term "leader"?

 According to those responsible for the research, the leader category is precisely defined: "Leaders have a highly attractive product and service offering as well as a distinctly strong market and competitive position and therefore meet all the requirements for successful market development. They can be regarded as strategic pacesetters and opinion leaders. In addition, they are a guarantee of innovative strength and stability."


🔎 Where does ISG see DRACOON's strengths?

Among the strengths of the enterprise filesharing service, ISG cited the high-security standard, noting that the DRACOON Enterprise Cloud meets the highest standards in IT security and is therefore also suitable for use in companies and organizations where sensitive, critical applications are a priority. For example, many banks, hospitals, companies in auditing, and public institutions use the solution. ISG emphasized that customers can process data on-premise or in the cloud in a highly secure data center and also mentioned the hybrid cloud option. Here, for example, the data can be stored in the customer's data center on local S3 object storage while at the same time using the services from the cloud.

ISG saw further advantages because DRACOON has the highest security certifications, such as the BSI C5 certificate. The market researchers noted that no other provider in the cloud sector has the certification. The ISO 27001 standard was also highlighted. Lastly, ISG saw the ability to have fully encrypted email communications as one of the biggest pluses. DRACOON has developed email encryption for Microsoft Outlook in the Windows version, making secure GDPR-compliant communication possible. Thus, security-critical attachments and the emails themselves can be stored on the platform in encrypted form. Specifically, the authorized recipient here automatically receives an email notification with a password-protected share link, via which the file can ultimately be downloaded with maximum security. The content can be decrypted by entering the password. Overall, the market researchers summarized the IT company's product portfolio as follows: "DRACOON comes up with a range of filesharing and security solutions that cannot be surpassed."

Regarding the general observations in the Enterprise Filesharing Services market, ISG highlights data security as a significant plus. DRACOON offers an enterprise filesharing portfolio with attractive features that leave nothing to be desired, it said. For companies that attach importance to the management of highly sensitive data, DRACOON is the first choice.

▶️ These were ISG's selection criteria:

In their report, the analysts evaluate vendors that provide filesharing platforms for the enterprise context in cloud environments. To be included in the group of providers in the "Secure Enterprise Filesharing Services" area, the following conditions had to be met, or functions had to be possible:

  •  Sharing of files by multiple persons in real-time
  • Robust administrative controls and secure access management capabilities from a single dashboard
  • Solid and secure multifactor authentication for access management
  • Meeting all data protection compliance guidelines of the GDPR and end-to-end encryption of data at rest and in motion and a secure key management solution
  • Desktop integration features and offline capabilities, and the ability to synchronize files across all connected devices such as desktops, mobile devices, and tablets
  • Integration capabilities across operating systems such as Windows, Android, Apple macOS, and iOS, and compatibility with popular office suites and file systems such as FAT32, NTFS, and Ext (4), and integration with third-party software
  • File recovery and rollback features for version tracking with rich user experience

The fact that we have been able to maintain and even expand our firm place in the Leader Quadrant over several years confirms that we are on the right track," says Arved Graf von Stackelberg, CSO and Managing Director of DRACOON.

Arved von Stackelberg

Our mission has always been to help make digitization as secure as possible because it will only be a success for Europe. If the IT security aspect is neglected, there is a risk that it will become a stumbling block in contrast. For this reason, we will continue to stand up for maximum IT security and data sovereignty for our customers and partners in the coming year and are confident that we will expand further our leading position as a European provider of highly secure enterprise file services in 2022. After all, the message from this year's quadrant is clear: data protection and data security will be the defining issues within the cloud sector in the context of digitalization.

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